About Us

We are a dedicated group of security specialists and enthusiasts with a singular goal: to advance cybersecurity technologies, methodologies, and mindset. Our expertise spans technical, applicative, and legal. Leveraging our extensive experience, we specialize in:

  • Risk based Cybersecurity
  • Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Management
  • Security and Intrusion Prevention
  • Digital forensics
  • Social engineering
  • Regulatory compliance (DORA/NIS+)
  • Continuous Integration, Optimization and Delivery
  • Infrastructure Architecture and Design
  • Data and Process Management
  • Automatization and Robotization
  • Future Technologies (AI, VR & AR)
  • e-Learning
  • People and Resource Management

Our commitment to continuous learning allows us to continually enhance our services. We tailor each experience to maximize value, empowering our clients to grow and secure their impact and systems.

Risk based Cybersecurity

EU Reglementation compliant

Our Risk-based cybersecurity is an approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the most significant risks to an organization's information and technology systems. It involves assessing potential threats and vulnerabilities and then prioritizing efforts and resources based on the level of risk they pose.

Architecture and Design

Process and infrastructure Optimisation

The infrastructure architecture and workflow tailored optimization solution refers to the process of designing and optimizing the underlying technology systems and workflows within an organization. It involves creating a blueprint or plan that aligns the infrastructure with the specific needs and processes of the organization.

Continuous Integration

Optimization and Delivery

By implementing CI/CD, development teams can achieve shorter development cycles, reduce manual errors, and improve the overall quality of their software. It promotes collaboration, allows for faster feedback loops, and enables the continuous delivery of value to end-users.

Our purpose

We are dedicated to enhancing CyberSecurity measures
and optimizing business processes through comprehensive tailored IT solutions

  • Customized solutions

    Our goal is to empower your business with secure and scalable digital solutions that drive growth and ensure peace of mind.

  • Customer Focused

    We partner with clients to provide streamlined IT security services, utilizing a wide range of automation solutions to address all aspects.

  • Vulnerability Management

    Our unique and comprehensive solution offers a complete approach to vulnerability management, ensuring all potential risks are addressed effectively.

  • Technology enthusiasm

    We leverage our expertise, creativity, and experience to develop innovative and effective solutions tailored to your business needs, ensuring your competitiveness.

  • Adaptable Empowerment

    We're vendor-neutral but also client-oriented, empowering you to choose the best solutions for your goals.

  • Compliance by design

    As a regulatory-compliant company, we prioritize designing solutions with built-in compliance measures.

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for the ultimate cybersecurity, workflow, and technological solutions to elevate your business to new heights.